Day 1

You saw this GIF on the Goomba page and my userpage, right?:


Well, that's the idle animation of a character I'm making, which is a Goomba.

I can't code special moves for the CMD just yet, but he has a Piranha Plant attack for his strong kick standing or in air, and a Spin Dash-like move for his crouching strong kick. So here's a video of him in action:

MLGPoliwhirl's MUGEN Making Goomba as a WIP01:38

MLGPoliwhirl's MUGEN Making Goomba as a WIP.

Day 2

Goomba now has a Medium Punch attack. Because Goombas don't have arms, he spits a Fireball.

Name Command Input Properties
Fireball Spit (Y)Button-y Airok




He can also do it while crouching.

Update: He's been canceled because none of his kicks, punches or any of his attacks are unconrollable.

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