aka Christopher

  • I was born on October 12
  • I am Male
  • Legorulez49 Here's his channel if you've never seen him.

    If you don't know who this is, then this move list wouldn't make much sense.

    Intro: "Hi, this is Mike Mozart from JeepersMedia"


    Lead Candy Dish projectile.

    Coca Puff Assist.

    Kabba Kick

    Wolverine Hammer


    Batman Water gun

    PEZ Candy Gun

    Summon Stringy

    Win: "What were they thinking?"

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  • Legorulez49

    I swear the only attack I can make work for my character is the light punch and no matter what I do, I can't get any of the other basic attacks to work!

    Standing Light Punch
    CNS difficulty

    [Statedef 200] type = S    ;State-type: S-stand, C-crouch, A-air, L-liedown movetype= A    ;Move-type: A-attack, I-idle, H-gethit physics = S    ;Physics: S-stand, C-crouch, A-air juggle = 1    ;Number of air juggle points move takes velset = 0,0   ;Set velocity (x,y) (Def: no change) ctrl = 0    ;Set ctrl (Def: no change) anim = 200    ;Change animation (Def: no change) poweradd = 20   ;Power to add (Def: 0) sprpriority = 2   ;Set layering priority to 2 (in front)

    [State 200, 1] type = HitDef trigger1 = Time = 0 attr = S, NA   ;Attribute: Standing, …

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  • Legorulez49

    Every time I try to load up my new character, there's an error that says

    UPDATE: For some reason, the template doesn't include the "[Statedef -1]" in the cmd file, that was a huge mistake of theirs.

    "Error detected.

    Error in kwon.cmd:842 Error loading chars/kwon/kwon.def Error while precaching Error in kwon.cmd:842 Error loading chars/kwon/kwon.def Error loading p1

    Clipboard tail: Game loop init Versus screen init OK

    Loading cmd state entry kwon.cmd...Character kwon.def failed to load

    End of versus screen loop Game loop deinit Gameflow 11 Loading match assets... Loading stage... Info: stage Rundown back alley loading in pre-1.0 compatible mode

    Loading BG...OK

    Stage loaded OK

    Allocating helpers...OK

    Match RNG seed: 1625649774 Reset persist vars team …

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  • Legorulez49

    Hello everybody, I am leaving for vacation which I will come back to on friday, that means I will not be able to continue working on my project, but I will still be able to get on this website.

    But enough talk, I have released a demo character of my W.I.P. Drill Man


    (UPDATE) I have returned!

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  • Legorulez49

    Yes, I have decided to actually try to create a character! And this time around, as you may noticed I have a burning hatetred for Roberto22's Drill Man character, so I decided I shall make my own!

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