After looking around the admin dashboard, I noticed there was a section named "Wiki features". I checked that and I added some stuff, the most important, the top 10 list! Now, I noticed some users have found out about it already, since you can choose to make the page when you click the "Add a page" button.

In the top 10 list, you are able to create a list of, for example, your favorite MUGEN characters and put it up for everyone to see. You can also create top 10 lists, like Greatest MUGEN characters of all time, for other people to edit (even though everyone can edit every list, but can be undone).

Say what you think about it the comments.

P.S.: PlasmoidThunder, I need the Favicon image to be .ico, thats what it said. And coming soon to this wiki, A new page layout builder will be made to make creating pages easier and a poll for if we should have badges.

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