After 2 months of doing nothing... there it is... i made a new character called Omega Flowey.

i thought my last character was going to be sans... but when i saw that there was more and more characters from Undertale in M.U.G.E.N (specially the FourthRhyme ones), Well, that motivated a lot to make this character. Also it cost me so much time to make this character because if you can see... the sprites of omega flowey are not the original as they appear in Undertale, i recreated them all of them piece by piece.

And... if case you are wondering, its finished, but i will make some updates for the character.

EDIT: I have been heard some complaints about why the character dosent work in MUGEN 1.0,

Well, i once tried to make it compatible with MUGEN 1.0 but, the colors of Omega Flowey they only mess up and the transparancy is changed by a black color (i tried to remove that black color but it turns to black again.)

So, the only thing i can say is... Enjoy this new update that i made:

  • Custom AI.
  • Anti-Cheap mode to some cheap characters.
  • 1 New Special Intro.

Download Link:

Omega Flowey Idle

One of the sprites of my char.

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