Hello there, first off all... Happy New Year to all! ok... second i have been recently inactive in these days... but i was making some characters but... they were scrapped or cancelled whatever you want to call it...

Both of them are Undertale characters and their reason are because of lost interest:


I was making a Mettaton character for M.U.G.E.N but then after some months i have lost the interest of making it:

Here a idle animation:

New anim by lebert130-dafscx3

Sans v2:

Also this was cancelled by the same reason... at least i can show you 1 image:

Now... the edit that i was making back in September of 2016, it was a Omega Tiger Woods edit. it dosent have some major changes... it just has a anti-cheap mode that i made. it took me 2 months completing it.

it can KO every common Anti-Cheap characters (Specially Papyrus, which is the main reason why i made this edit) but not special ones (i tried but i couldn´t) such as Rare Akuma and Death Star.

Download Link :

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