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    June 24, 2017 by Lebert130

    I have said this too many times, alot... but it has been 1 year since i didn't do anything related with M.U.G.E.N, and i am doing other things right now, i don't have the same interest anymore, so goodbye M.U.G.E.N.

    If you want to see what im doing, you can check my DeviantArt or if you want to play with me check out my Steam

    (Nice name huh?)

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  • Lebert130

    Hello there, first off all... Happy New Year to all! ok... second i have been recently inactive in these days... but i was making some characters but... they were scrapped or cancelled whatever you want to call it...

    Both of them are Undertale characters and their reason are because of lost interest:


    I was making a Mettaton character for M.U.G.E.N but then after some months i have lost the interest of making it:

    Here a idle animation:

    Sans v2:

    Also this was cancelled by the same reason... at least i can show you 1 image:

    Now... the edit that i was making back in September of 2016, it was a Omega Tiger Woods edit. it dosent have some major changes... it just has a anti-cheap mode that i made. it took me 2 months completing it.

    it can KO e…

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  • Lebert130

    Omega Flowey Character

    August 21, 2016 by Lebert130

    After 2 months of doing nothing... there it is... i made a new character called Omega Flowey.

    i thought my last character was going to be sans... but when i saw that there was more and more characters from Undertale in M.U.G.E.N (specially the FourthRhyme ones), Well, that motivated a lot to make this character. Also it cost me so much time to make this character because if you can see... the sprites of omega flowey are not the original as they appear in Undertale, i recreated them all of them piece by piece.

    And... if case you are wondering, its finished, but i will make some updates for the character.

    EDIT: I have been heard some complaints about why the character dosent work in MUGEN 1.0,

    Well, i once tried to make it compatible with MUGEN …

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  • Lebert130

    Hello there! for those who have been waiting for my new character sans... well here it is!

    Download Link: Sans

    Now... you saw that in the title says last character, well, thats because i quit making characters again, and yes i will not continue finishing sans, because i think sans needs a good spriter and an advanced coder.

    Im a Intermediate coder, but its not enough to make sans a good character and also im not a very good spriter.

    If you are a very advanced coder or a good spriter or you have a group of both well go ahead and finish my project, a project that i always wanted to finish.

    Also, if you get dissapointed of my character... im sorry, i cant do anything else...

    So, thats all.

    PS: I will never come back making characters. EDIT: i recent…

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  • Lebert130

    New Character!

    April 1, 2015 by Lebert130

    Well, i came back 1 year after i was retired...

    but, I came back!

    Here it is the download: Theres no download APRIL FOOLS!

    Edit: the real download is here:


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