• Jordylok

    My first characters

    October 20, 2014 by Jordylok

    i just finished my sonic character

    I edited this is a edit of plom somethings sonic

    1.I made the kung fu palms one is a breakdance move,if you read fast i writed awesome.

    The other one is Sonic's ssb4 down-smash based.

    2.Air attacks a spin kick wich spins around, one like a kung fu palm is from ssb4,also

    a air punch.

    3.A new win and lose pose,does this need explaining?

    4.A taunt,the chicken dance

    5.better hitboxes,for small characters he was almost invisible.

    6.A new stand and air hit pose

    7. At last but not least a Kung fu throw!!!!!!       

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  • Jordylok

    Hi! once again! i promised first a Sonic boom Sonic but i canceled it so i gonna make something with sprites as replacement it's called fighting Sonic i also going to make a fire Sonic (SMBZ styled) and Mario (Also SMBZ styled) i'm sure i gonna make it it will maybe come in 2015 i don't know but i like this ideas so much i must telled you all!

    Keep awesome, Play MUGEN, Love Life

    ~Jordylok ( and soon TheJMan)

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  • Jordylok

    Well hey guys! i got 2 times good news and bad news!

    First the bad news: I probaly gonna cancel my Sonic boom Sonic since the low level of sprites and i can't sprite coats...

    Now good news like the title sayed i gonna edit Hatsune Miku it i will change Some palletes!, a new big and smal portrait! ,It's hopefully won't lag while playing, MAYBE other volcaloid strikers,i liked the sprites so i hope it's gonna be awesome!

    Also without saying you guys i'm making a whole custom made SSBM Young Link it uses sprites by Semijugalo so i gonna give him credit when it's done! i also gonna make the SSBM palettes + a custom yellow one!

    That's it for now stay awesome! keep playing mugen and enjoy life!


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  • Jordylok


    September 6, 2014 by Jordylok

    Hello my name is Jordylok, i'm new on this wiki i'm curently working on a Sonic boom mugen character ( since i wanted to do something new and i saw no Sonic boom Sonic) and maybe a fitting stage i released on my onedrive my smash mugen  that was it BYE!


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