aka Joey Slikk

  • I live in United States
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is Artist, student, video maker, animator, YouTube pooper (Sometimes), gamer, MUGEN creator (RETIRED), creepypasta maker (RETIRED), voice actor (NOT MUCH), and film and web producer
  • I am Male
  • JoeySlikk

    I Wonder What Anime or Show This scene is From.
    What Anime was it from?
    Here's a ".gif" of The Scene:

    NOTE: This was taken from Killer Colonel and Other cheap edits.

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  • JoeySlikk

    A User told me that if i had Tuxman, But i said "No, I don't have him." Pedro Higin must have deleted it. :( PEDRO HIGIN! IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE YOUR CREATION!!! WHY WOULD YOU DELETE IT?!?!?!? It was a Good Hosting Material, And NOW EVERYONE CAN'T GET IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I searched it on Google, I Searched And Searched And Searched, But There was no working link to Be Found!! So Would You, Could You, Plz Send me Tuxman Plzzzzz?!
    Heres a screenshot of the broken link:

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  • JoeySlikk

    Blood Daniel Showcase

    July 22, 2014 by JoeySlikk

    This is a showcase of Blood Daniel, A cheap edit to The New Daniel, This edit is a W.I.P. Blood Daniel is based and inspired by many blood edits Like, Blood Colonel, Blood Waluigi, Blood Snivy, And other blood edits. But he has a glitch while guarding in air, This is what the glitch looks like.

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  • JoeySlikk

    Daniel Gajardo Pulgar posted a link to a file online, The name of the File was "OldDaniel2.rar", And after I Downloaded It, I Checked The character using Fighter Factory Ultimate, I Checked his .sff File and they're were some joke images in the .sff file, And I Checked his .snd file too, And as I Did, They're were some funny sounds, The .snd file supports some of Daniel's voice, And as I Tested Him, The character tilts around and loses some powerbars and then regains powerbars all over again, This Isn't The Real version of The lastest Old Daniel, This is Just A Joke To TRICK ME!! When I Said I Wanted The latest Old Daniel, I Didn't mean this stupid joke version that has silly sounds and tilts around and loses some powerbars and then regain…

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  • JoeySlikk

    Yep, I Am Remaking Myself Character for M.U.G.E.N, Here is His Stance.

    I Will be having CVS/CVS2 Hitsparks, A CVS2 And MVC Gameplay, And Brutal and Tough AI Like MVC Peter Griffin And EvilSlayerX5's Homer. :)

    NOTE: This is My First Blog Post.

    And Here Are My Palettes.

    My 12th Palette Makes Me Really Really Cheap Like Giji Ultima Gouki Oddity And Rare Akuma, I Called It, Giji Ultima Evil Josh Oddity, AKA: Josh Geary's 12th Palette!

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