• Jetgoshi

    Last Night I was searching every Mugen recent video till I found this. It a fighting game with all the characters from Mario and the spite look awesome.

    Is it downable because I can't read it.

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  • Jetgoshi

    OK Mugener. If you know what going on, bunch of fan never gave up and here my example, if you asking me for Jet the Hawk from Sonic and Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony, stop asking me for them.

    Bunch of fandoys keep asking me on and say "can you releases them tomorrow or when do they releases?" and some idoite ask me "Can you make Milo from Fishook?"

    I'm sick and tired asking me for them and never ask about Konlin, Haxorus or Serperior. WHY? so you wanna play them so badly?

    Too overated characters. Sorry, but if I heard them one more time, I'll CANCEL THEM.

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  • Jetgoshi

    You know two of my original character Jetgoshi and Konlin for Mugen and after all my hardwork, I might need something before I release them.

    Any of you suggest a new move, change or whatever I can't think and I need you guy who had better grammar will tell me a winquote for each. I will listen if anything good, but I will not listen a stupid quote like "You suck" or overuse move like Shun Goku.

    Jetgoshi has Deadpool's voice and Konlin has Chun Li's voice.

    If you didn't download new version of Jetgoshu, download the first releases now.

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  • Jetgoshi

    Well, as two of my Pokemon WIP, I been thinking. What style I'm gonna use(like MvC, CVS or a pkmn style I use for my new Rayquaza(if you play trading card)? and new move you suggest to add them.

    I was thinking that I might make another Giratina with a new sprite better then my old one. Also update Rayquaza too and why because I will gonna announce something releases the same day as Pokémon TCG: Dragons Exalted and releases Augeat 15th five day before my Birthday.

    And before you ask about Konlin, I already add her own style. Problem wha clothe she wearing?

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  • Jetgoshi

    Any creator had to be exist in Mugen, not like random person you hope you think he make. Again, what your favrotie or least creator? And you cannot favroite yourself as creator. It didn't count.

    For example:

    Favroite creator:

    - Lord sinistro(if he ever comeback to finish all Primal Rage chars)

    -ExShadow(Her stage look......creative)

    -Sean Alty

    -PlasmoidThunder (Only person I see him almost everyday from here, dA and YT)




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