more problems? Y U DO DIS 2 MEEEEEEEEEEE-

but seriously, this is getting really annoying.

  1. the sub-boss stage appears during other fights too.
  2. the final bosses don't show up, instead just a second order 9 (sub-boss) char.
  3. the bonus games (ss1 bonus and strength training) don't work.
  4. burai yamamoto isn't working.
  5. i can't find the burrito mac sprite edit of burai yamamoto.

kill me. or help me. preferably the second option.

if somebody has a link for  burai yamamoto or burrito mac that functions on M.U.G.E.N 1.0, you get ice cream too.

you get ice cream! you get ice cream! EVERYBODY GETS ICE CREAM!

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