In this world, two games are widely viewed. They are MUGEN and MINECRAFT. And so far they waged war.

Elecbyte Boss:Duh, I heard that the Mojang stuff got brought by Microsoft?

KFM:Yes sir, now its the best time to attack.

Elecbyte Boss: What do Minecraft have? Only FUN? Look at Mugen. We include not only fun but programming.

KFM:Lets attack the Mojang Corp.

At Mojang Corp.

Notch: Yes, now we are more famous and our only prick is the MUGEN they might programming but not as good as ours. LETS WAGE WARRR

Mojang Staff- YEEAAAHHH!

(And so they carried bottles of whisky and heated the war)

AND The winner is...

The poll was created at 13:45 on January 17, 2015, and so far 7 people voted.

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