• Hollow Mario

    Oggy for mugen?

    January 21, 2015 by Hollow Mario

    Do anyone have the potential to make a character from Oggy and the cockroaches?

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  • Hollow Mario

    Mugen vs Minecraft

    January 17, 2015 by Hollow Mario

    In this world, two games are widely viewed. They are MUGEN and MINECRAFT. And so far they waged war.

    Elecbyte Boss:Duh, I heard that the Mojang stuff got brought by Microsoft?

    KFM:Yes sir, now its the best time to attack.

    Elecbyte Boss: What do Minecraft have? Only FUN? Look at Mugen. We include not only fun but programming.

    KFM:Lets attack the Mojang Corp.

    Notch: Yes, now we are more famous and our only prick is the MUGEN they might programming but not as good as ours. LETS WAGE WARRR

    Mojang Staff- YEEAAAHHH!

    (And so they carried bottles of whisky and heated the war)

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  • Hollow Mario

    Mugen 1.0


    Time has come

    to settle scores to know


    So guys whose side are you up to?!


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  • Hollow Mario


    January 6, 2015 by Hollow Mario

    A new background? How's the idea. However lets get straight to my questions.

    1.Do we have petitions?

    2.Do admins have bots?

    3.Do chats have chatbot?

    4.Chat requires PM button

    5.Do we have Template:TOC? 

    6.Do we have site to answer the doubts? Umm for e.g

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  • Hollow Mario

    People, do you remember the name Reuben Kee. Yep, Reuben Kee or also known as Reu was a mugen author who was the first to create the evil version of Ken. He never copied others work and influenced his own. His imagination was high. So high his Dragon Claw can fly. But poor him fell down into the hands of aqua who threw him into death. 

    Reuben Kee En Rui boater/composer/model /mugen author. (9 July 1984 – 23 November 2007) R.I.P.

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