Well, i'm here to introduce a feature that you've probably seen in many wikis (including Wikipedia). this feature, as you may have guessed by the blog name, are the userboxes!

Since i've seen some people doing it wrong, i'll explain its usage:

  1. Put the following at the top of your userpage (not necessarily at the top, but before any actual text):
  2. Then, right below this put one or more userboxes. A list of them can be found here.
  3. After putting all the userboxes you want, put the following after the last userbox you've putten:
  4. It is done!



Also, i created all the "Native [putlanguagehere] Speakers" categories specifically to be packed with the userboxes (since the userboxes come with them), not to be added without the userboxes.

From your favorite enzyme,


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