So i have been playing mugen for a couple years, and i have noticed a big sum of characters are more adapted to joystick gameplay, rather than keyboard. Characters such as Alex from SFIII and Mr.Ansatsuken's Akuma are examples of this.

So i'd like to request someone who knows how to code characters to help with this. The scripting language is chinese for me, so i'd like someone to "translate" this for me. I just want to change the commands of the attacks of some characters to make it more keyboard friendly. I am sure iam not the only one who feels it's a pain in the ass to know the characters have cool moves, watching the AI perform them and not beeing able to because you are supposed to use a damn joystick you dont want to.

If anyone is interesting in helping get started in this sort of business, please contact me via skype: gborg23; or facebook: Gonçalo Teves (GT)

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