Hi Everyone! Iam currently working on 2 characters for mugen! One of them is called "Awekened Kung Fu Man" as the name says its a prefixed character of kung fu man. I am still thinking in how i will create him. Iam thinking of using a cvs 2 template,because he is going to be a faster,stronger and better version of kfm.He will also have new powers like:projectiles(most likely fireballs) flight,(like warchine´s flight,kfm will not have  jets on his feet :P) and some other things. Here is a preview of him:

Sprite13 1

His standing position(without movement)

And iam also working on another character that i called Eric Jacob, a.k.a The Apprentice! He will be a character based on street fighter.And as so i will use N64Mario´s sfa3 template. Unlike some other creations he is not one of thosse awesome overly powerfull characters most people make.He will be a mix of speed and strenght.He will also have an sort of evil form(with no relation to the satsui no hado evil characters).

Here is a preview of him:

Sprite2 0

Eric Jacob

His standing position also without movement(for now)

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