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  • GramdOne

    Making specific win quotes

    November 21, 2014 by GramdOne

    Does anyone know how to make win quotes work for specific characters? 

    I saw in Mr.Infinite's characters the quotes written like this:

    Evil Ryu

    Victory81 = .... 

    I did the say to Kim. I added the names with the " ; " before the name and added the win quote.

    He still uses all of them for every character and it doesn't work with specific characters at all! 

    How  can i make this work?

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  • GramdOne

    So i have been playing mugen for a couple years, and i have noticed a big sum of characters are more adapted to joystick gameplay, rather than keyboard. Characters such as Alex from SFIII and Mr.Ansatsuken's Akuma are examples of this.

    So i'd like to request someone who knows how to code characters to help with this. The scripting language is chinese for me, so i'd like someone to "translate" this for me. I just want to change the commands of the attacks of some characters to make it more keyboard friendly. I am sure iam not the only one who feels it's a pain in the ass to know the characters have cool moves, watching the AI perform them and not beeing able to because you are supposed to use a damn joystick you dont want to.

    If anyone is int…

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  • GramdOne

    Pallete issues

    October 18, 2014 by GramdOne

    Hum... This may seem sort of a weird question but here goes:

    I recently redownloaded Scar's Cyber Akuma, and none of his palettes work. I tried to add a new one my self (with the top changed to look like the original C. Akuma) and it also didn't work.

    I downloaded sort of an infinite edit of Sakura, but she has 10 palletes and none of them work. 

    This happened in mugen 1.0 

    Note:I said none of the palletes work, but i meant they only have 1.

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  • GramdOne

    Crazy Catastrophe

    August 14, 2014 by GramdOne

    How can i make Crazy Catastrophe a playable character? i need to do so because a person asked me to make a video playing with him on youtube.

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  • GramdOne

    Greetings everyone! Iam currently editing my eof screenpack by adding portraits to every character that doesn't have any. (since someone taught me how :D ) And i noticed i couldn't open the sprite files for 3 characters:The original Kung Fu Man, Cloud Strife and Deadpool(the one with MVC3 gameplay).

    Here is what shows up on fighter factory:

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