Hello, MUGEN fans!

Guess what? It will going to be Christmas soon and the new character I'll be releasing....Yakko Warner and Dot Warner V2. I think Dot Warner would have a special intro againest his brothers (Yakko Warner and SonicBrawler77's Wakko Warner).

And Yakko would have special intros againest SonicBrawler77's Wakko Warner, Dot Warner and the other notable female characters.


But I got to plan to do a few things for him:


Assist Wakko Warner (for using the hammer to attack) Assist Dot Warner (for using her tail to attack)


TNT Bomb Gun Shoot (Normal, Strong and EX attack)


Call the Robot (The robot arrives and shooting a laser beam as a projectile) (The robot sprite: Paddle-Ball Combo



If you were a Animaniacs fan, just comment if you like to be on MUGEN. That would be happy to make him.

Thank you.

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