Hey guys!

I would like to talk about the Looney Tunes Show version of Lola Bunny.


Lola is my personal favourite chick from the show. She's hot, she has lovely ears, she's like Sandy Cheeks and she has got the hottest look when she wore her ears as a ponytail beautifly.

Sadly, I didn't have Fighter Factory and I wasn't good at coding.

So, I will release Lola Bunny for this month but, I make my movelist for her.


Bugs Bunny (throws a pie at the enemy)

Daffy Duck (using a gun)

Tina Russo (Punch at the enemy) Specials:

Tail Spin (She would have her new tail to attack the enemy, which inspried from my picture:

Carrot Throw (She could throw the carrot at the enemy)


Elastic Bunny (similar to Warner's Bartman) (Inspired from a picture:

Flying Hurricane Kick (Agree with Dchan250)

Space Heights (Similar to Madoldcrow1105's Finn the Human) (She could use in Sandy Cheeks' costume and to attack when she flys higher)

If you're a Lola Bunny fan, just comment if you want her on MUGEN. That would be happy if I would release her for this September.

Thank you.

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