Hey guys!

While I'm working on Princess Jasmine, I just wanted to have my idea that we all needed Nicole Watterson (from The Amazing World of Gumball) for MUGEN.

Nicole was personal favourite character from this show but sadly, I haven't got any voice clips for her.

I still made my sprite f her from my files of Marge Simpson but, I wasn't good at drawing. I wish Placemario or Zobbes would make her decently.

Here's the movelist of her:


Smash Uppercut (similar to Kung Fu Man's move)

Lemonade Glass Throw

Claw Upper (similar to Dragon Punch)


Rage attack (She could use Broomstick, Thin pipe and kicks)

Kick Hurricane (similar to Blue Aardvark's move)

Car lobe (similar to Mr. Bean's move)


Anais (She could throw her sweets at the enemy)

Richard (Spin attack) (similar to Madoldcrow1105's Mordecai)

Win Quotes:

"Angry dosen't begin to cover it!"

"You see boys, sometimes in life you really have to face the consequences of your action, and sometimes you just RUN!"

"I feel so relaxed!"

"I feel so proud of her yet...really scared at the same time."

"Five minutes is all I'll need."

"Don't worry, Gummypuss...." (Againest Gumball Watterson)

"Okay but, would you please stop ruining for my life with your friend? It kinda makes me angry." (Againest Darwin Watterson)

If you like Nicole Watterson, you should want her or you could create as her as your WIP.

Muscle Man: "You know who else wants to see Nicole Watterson for MUGEN? MY MOM!!"