I am nearly releasing Filburt Shelbach this bank holiday so, I have my MUGEN character idea!

After Nicole Watterson or Wakko V2, I would make Abby Archer (from "Grossology") for MUGEN.

Here's the image of Abby:


Abby is a nice, kind, sweet, lovely and hottest character from Grossology. She has her nice school clothing and her lovely ponytail.

So, I'm making her moves for her.


Laser Gun
Ponytail Slash (similar to Leela Turanga and Princess Jasmine's move)


Super Laser Eye Glass
Grime Gun
Double Gross Gun


Ty Archer

Take a look on Abby's sprite idle and palletes:

Sadly, I don't have the sounds. ToonAlexSora007 will do the pallete sprites for her.

If you want Abby, I will make her for M.U.G.E.N.

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