• Gillson23

    I am nearly releasing Filburt Shelbach this bank holiday so, I have my MUGEN character idea!

    After Nicole Watterson or Wakko V2, I would make Abby Archer (from "Grossology") for MUGEN.

    Here's the image of Abby:

    Abby is a nice, kind, sweet, lovely and hottest character from Grossology. She has her nice school clothing and her lovely ponytail.

    So, I'm making her moves for her.


    Laser Gun
    Ponytail Slash (similar to Leela Turanga and Princess Jasmine's move)


    Super Laser Eye Glass
    Grime Gun
    Double Gross Gun


    Ty Archer

    Take a look on Abby's sprite idle and palletes:

    Sadly, I don't have the sounds. ToonAlexSora00…

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  • Gillson23

    Hello, MUGEN fans!

    Guess what? It will going to be Christmas soon and the new character I'll be releasing....Yakko Warner and Dot Warner V2. I think Dot Warner would have a special intro againest his brothers (Yakko Warner and SonicBrawler77's Wakko Warner).

    And Yakko would have special intros againest SonicBrawler77's Wakko Warner, Dot Warner and the other notable female characters.

    But I got to plan to do a few things for him:


    Assist Wakko Warner (for using the hammer to attack) Assist Dot Warner (for using her tail to attack)


    TNT Bomb Gun Shoot (Normal, Strong and EX attack)


    Call the Robot (The robot arrives and shooting a laser beam as a projectile) (The robot sprite:…

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  • Gillson23

    Mung Daal idea for MUGEN

    October 24, 2012 by Gillson23

    This autumn, I will be releasing Mung Daal next.

    Mung Daal was a striker of FelixMario2011's Chowder and so, I decide to make him for MUGEN.

    Here's the movelist.


    Truffles (Using a frying pan to attack)


    Sliced Fingerdingies throw (Idea by TIS2012) Knife toss


    Big Hand Punch (Inspired from the episode "Creme Puff Hands") Meach Attack (Inspired from the episode "Meach Harvest") Cinnamini Sucker (Inspired from the episode "Cinnamini Monster")


    If you were a Chowder fan, just comment if you like Mung to be on MUGEN. That would be happy to make him.

    Thank you.

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  • Gillson23

    Lola Bunny idea for MUGEN

    September 20, 2012 by Gillson23

    Hey guys!

    I would like to talk about the Looney Tunes Show version of Lola Bunny.

    Lola is my personal favourite chick from the show. She's hot, she has lovely ears, she's like Sandy Cheeks and she has got the hottest look when she wore her ears as a ponytail beautifly.

    Sadly, I didn't have Fighter Factory and I wasn't good at coding.

    So, I will release Lola Bunny for this month but, I make my movelist for her.


    Bugs Bunny (throws a pie at the enemy)

    Daffy Duck (using a gun)

    Tina Russo (Punch at the enemy) Specials:

    Tail Spin (She would have her new tail to attack the enemy, which inspried from my picture:

    Carrot Throw (She could throw the carrot at the enemy)


    Elastic Bunny (similar to…

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  • Gillson23

    Hey guys!

    Like I posted my blog about Nicole, I'm talking about Sandy Cheeks in her bikini form.

    I know Zobbes made her good but, we need Sandy (from SpongeBob SqurePants) in her bikini form for MUGEN.

    Sandy has got her hottest look in her bikini form and I really prefer the bikini formed version to be on MUGEN. I wish Placemario or Zobbes would do her in the bikini form decently.

    I made my sprites for FelixMario2011's Spongebob V2.0 last week:

    Here's the movelist for her (bikini form):


    Punch: X

    Chop: Y

    Palm: Z

    Kick: A

    Tail: B

    Tail (smashing on the ground): C


    Nut Gun (similar to WlanmaniaX's Mr. Bean's move)

    Squirrel Kick (similar to Aperson9…

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