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  • Geshtro

    These ideas I post here aren't projects I'm actively pursuing. I’m just giving my little ideas here and there about characters I’d want in Mugen and how I think they’d possibly work. That’s literally all they’d be. If an idea strikes your possible interest, I mean, good for you? I can’t actively do anything to help other than give ideas and do sound design at best.

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  • Geshtro

    Anyone Interested?

    October 28, 2015 by Geshtro

     I have this idea for a character. Mostly my idea is either a boss or a joke. But here is an idea starting sprite for it.

    The name I have for this little guy is Stack-in-Stamp. A little robotic thing with a few bugs within his programming.

    (Backstory programming, not actual mugen char programming."

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