• GazpachoMasterX

    Hello, is a Gaz.

    Basically, I've recently discovered a character of Steven Universe in Mugen. It is one of the worst excuses for a fighter I have ever seen.

    As I'm trying to improve, I've decided to fix this damn mess.

    What is changed:

    - Added actual hitboxes

    - Hypers are mostly fixed

    - Fixed character portrait and some other sprites

    - The laser hyper is no longer OP

    What I couldn't do:

    - Fixing the pallete problem

    - Make the Hypers no longer get power back

    - Proper victory portrait

    Long story short: It's still shit, but the smell is gone.

    If you want to try out.

    PS: Sorry that I couldn't record it. :c

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  • GazpachoMasterX

    I've just traveled to the future to find out what will happen to our wiki.

    Here is a replica of what I saw:

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  • GazpachoMasterX

    Apocalypse problems

    December 11, 2014 by GazpachoMasterX

    I've recently downloaded Kung Fu Man's Apocalypse and he became one of my favourite fighters. However, when he's in a handicap battle his HP drops to about 33%, does anyone have a solution?

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  • GazpachoMasterX

    Sorry about my language, but this is serious.

    Most of the characters on this wiki are made with FF and other programs, so they have def, cmd, cns files. These work all right on my Mugen, but then come these ,,cutting edge" characters that combine all files into an .exe file. These files don't work on my game and sometimes even bring a virus.

    Is there any way seperate these files into .def and such?

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  • GazpachoMasterX


    September 13, 2014 by GazpachoMasterX

    I need a person who would help me give Garfield a better AI ( Tom's would be the best) without altering any of his moves. ) Any help would be appreciated.

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