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    Random Facts!

    September 23, 2013 by Fred76011

    Here are some random facts:

    • Odontophobia is a fear of teeth.
    • The famous Nintendo mascot, Mario, was named differently during creation. His first name was "Mr. Video". His second name was "Jumpman" (his name in the original Donkey Kong game). Finally, his name was changed to Mario.
    • Probably one of the earliest forms of technology using a touchscreen was the "IBM Simon Personal Communicator". It was a small phone made in 1993. 
    • September 23rd is Checker's Day.
    • There is a building in Poland that looks like it's melting.
    • There is an object in Japan that can read emotions from a cat. It's a small electronic keychain type of item that you hook onto the cat's collar. It will then show it's mood through chibi expressions.
    • Every Chili's resturant has an u…
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