At the moment, I have only one character being worked on, and I'm very close to being finished with it. All I need left is to make 1 more hyper for him. But, what character is it? Well, this character is....

Scout from Team Fortress 2


NO. It will not look like that.....thing. My Scout character will look like this:


Of course, it's going to be much bigger than that. I'm honestly not the best at drawing TF2 characters, so I altered sprites from a friendly deviant who had these sprites available, so all credit for the original sprites goes to him. This Scout's moveset will mostly contain the use of items from the TF2 game, such as the Sandman, Bonk! Atomic Punch and Flying Guillotine. I'm making the TF2 characters in order of who is shown on the class selection list first, meaning my next project will be Soldier, and then Pyro.

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