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    April 1, 2015 by Florence100 the Sylveon

    okay first of all

    i'm leaving this wikia account. yeah, i'm just not wanting to be stuck with an old, rotten name that i don't want anything to do with anymore.

    i will list the other updates on my new account (if i'm able to get one).

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  • Florence100 the Sylveon

    I've been working on Soldier and Scout for a long time, now. I almost cried. Why? Because compared to every single damn character I made in the past, these two were....absolutely perfect. Well...almost~! Like every other character does, they do have some issues. But I'd say these are just minor issues, that are rather annoying than critical. What are these issues?

    Double hurt sound - After he gets harmed, a breif "painsharp" voice clip is played. Not just one...but two! This wasn't supposed to happen. I've been trying to prevent these sounds from playing twice simultaneously, but the problem still persists.

    txet sdrawkcaB - Scout has an attack where his weapon uses ammo. He can choose to reload it manually whenever he wants to. If his weapon…

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    This has been a problem for a long time now, and I desperately need to know how to fix it. What I'm trying to do is program Scout to say his Soldier domination quotes when he beats him. Here's the code:

    [State 220] type = VarRandom trigger1 = animelem = 1 & p2name != "Soldier" & p2name != "Pyro" & p2name != "Demoman" & p2name != "Heavy Weapons Guy" & p2name != "Engineer" & p2name != "Medic" & p2name != "Sniper" & p2name != "Spy" V = 4 Range = 1, 20 ; If Scout defeats a player that isn't one of the 8 other classes, set random variable.
    [State 220] type = VarRandom trigger1 = animelem = 1 & p2name = "Soldier" V = 4 Range = 0, 5 ; If Scout defeats the Soldier, set random variable to this instead.
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  • Florence100 the Sylveon

    I never knew how to fix these... >.

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  • Florence100 the Sylveon

    DO NOT WORRY, I'm not torturing you with another help-blog this time! Heheheh... ^^;

    srsly, tho. I'm sorry if my blogs about asking for help are bothering you. I'm still no expert at M.U.G.E.N coding.

    There's just something in the M.U.G.E.N coding that bothers me a little. What is it? Read the title. Yep. I understand how variables are mandatory and all, I mean, I love working with variables, just not these ones. Why? 2 reasons. First of all, I just wish we had the ability to give the variables names. Labelling these things would make coding much easier, because then you'd be able to know which variable is supposed to do what right off the bat! As for the second thing, it's the variable limit that irks me. I'd totally prefer an unlimited amount…

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