Hello mugen people! So um I just joined today so expect me to sound like a retard XD. Anyways this is my  char I have never made a char so this will be my first char. This char is a terrible drawn stickman who looks like an mk ninja. He controls water and lightning like Rain(the purple MK ninja) but he looks like Sub-Zero he might be a joke character or an actual character. He will probably use Kung-Fu Man as a base. Also heres what he will look like:

Mugen Char

If you're wondering why I even made this character in the first place well heres why: During 2010 or 2011 I didn't know about M.U.G.E.N but I did know 2d Fighter Maker but it was too complicated so I used Game Maker to create a Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat clone and the first character I made was this guy I did make a sprite sheet for him but it only had a mug shot,stance sprite,a walk sprite, a punch sprite, and a special move sprite. He was also one of the only two characters I made for the game. The other character was a fire lizard who disguised as a human(who was obviously a rip-off of reptile). And If I make this character I might make the reptile rip-off. Well thats all I really have to say really. See you guys!

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