This month I will complete Mordecai,So i need some Idea.


Three helper,but does not need too many helper,otherwise Some helpe useless, I will have the following characters as helper for Mordecai.

  1. Rigby(Seize the enemy make Mordecai counterattack,this is Hamboning!!)
  2. Pops(i know it is Spin attack,..but Sprite is ugly..)
  3. Benson(Mop attack, do not use guns, because I have not seen Episode Benson used a gun)


Madoldcrow1105's Mordecai Specials is melee attack,Because his helper like a projectile, I am present some special.

  1. Run Punch(Mordecai will Run Punched,like my's SpongeBob SquarePants.)
  2. Broom attack(He will take the broom to attack enemy)

Some Special will continue to increase


(No idea) I can't think of any ideas, but I hope I can finish him, so I need your help.

Thank you.

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