• EterTC

    I'm sure most of you are aware of the "famous" cloning glitch, you know, the one that creates a clone (duh) of one of the characters that stands still, does nothing and can be attacked and never die.

    Well, I've seen a strange variation of this glitch in the KOF styled Mizoguchi by 119way. The clone appears as soon as the round starts, so there isn't any event that makes the clone appear (such as a poorly coded helper or anything like that). I must also mention that the clone appears during EVERY round.

    Personally I've had fun against chars with advanced AI, using the clone as a meat shield as they combo him to death while I play keepaway throwing them Tiger Bazookas.

    Since I really like this char and I don't want to delete him just because of …

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  • EterTC

    Introducing myself

    December 8, 2012 by EterTC

    Well, I am just a random MUGEN player who wants to help this wiki. After seeing that most characters (such as Mario, Homer, or Spongebob) are being edited heavily, I've decided to focuse on less-edited characters (such as Mega Man).

    Just tell me on what I can help you out, and, if possible, make me a short list of characters who need work.

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