as in that, i mean dosbox

I was bored,and used waybackmachine to go to the 2001 site and download this version.



as you can see here -------------------------->

I swear, it is a pain to get a character working on this version.

Whenever you get a character, it will either say it is not compatible, or it will say there was an error loading the character when bringing it into battle.

Mostly it will say there was a palette error. This means you have to go into the DEF file and change

the character's palette's so there's only one. (I only have five working characters in the roster)

Other than that, there are a ton of graphic errors when in battle(you can't blame that, cause DOS cannot support such graphics)

If you use a special move that changes the background to a moving picture, the game will freeze.

Also, if you try to summon a helper, the game will error. (not crash, but error.)

Here is another picture I got


See? Errors.

So uh, I just wanted to tell you guys about this cause I never have seen any other mugen on MS-DOS stuff

so uh

bai now

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