Opened my emails today to see this lovely message. No reason, no explanation; nothing. They just suspended my channel. Not even only my main one, but my alternate channel (that need not be mentioned here) got the axe too. As you can understand, I am enraged at this. Not only was I afraid of my channel getting suspended or deleted, but it seems I was right about it. I've appealed to Google, explaining how my channel has done anything but break the rules. Although given their track record, that will have done diddly-squat until I make a huge fuss about it.

Posting this wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend my lunch break, but it's better to get it off my chest now than having to work through my assignments with it on my conscious for another hour. If worst comes to worst, I'll have to start a new channel using a different email. Because I've been f--ked over by Google, and refusing to restore my channel will make it worse.

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