I know, I've been writing a lot of blog posts lately, but since the mugen community is usually full of feedback and idea's, that's why I usually pitch my idea's to you guys first. Anyways... I've been playing The Black Heart again recently and thought about editing some characters to be styled like the characters from that game (Such as blood when opponent is hit). Now, my first attempt is going to be an edit of Madoldcrow1105's Scolipede, since that character is popular. It is going to have a fatality and be fatality compatible. I've made a sample sprite for Scolipede when he gets killed by a decapitation fatality. Please note that this is only a scratch sprite and may be different when the edit is finished.


This took a little while to do, but not extremely long. Tell me what you think about this and anyways I can improve. I do read most comments, so feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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