After checking the current poll on my userpage, I realized I accidentally put Fassad from Mother 3 as one of the options, who hasn't been made for Mugen. Well, that is until now. No, I'm not announcing I'm making him, but rather something... larger; A Mother-based fullgame, where Fassad (Miracle Fassad) is a playable character, although he has been nerfed from his bossfight in Mother 3. I won't spoil too much or give a screenshot of the current roster, but I'll share the following:

1. The game is centered around the needles from Mother 3

2. Each character has their own intro/ending, sort of like a story

3. Once the game is released, a character pack containing every character from the fullgame will be posted

I accidentally put Fassad in as I didn't realize until now that I hadn't announced this project. I'll post more details over on the Earthbound wiki (They do allow fan-projects to be discussed on the forums) than on this one.

Back on topic of me making a mistake, I'll be keeping Fassad in the poll, and if he does get in as one of Asriel's lost souls, consider it a preview/advertisement for the fullgame.

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