This blog post is just explaining about my current and upcoming projects.

Firstly, here is what I am cancelling:

-Giroro (Lost interest)

-Maxwell (Character is broken beyond repair)

-Super Mario Brawl (Time constraints (may return later on))

Next, here are my W.I.P.s:

-Dry Bowser

-Dry Bones

-The Great Mighty Poo (Boss character)

-Live and Reloaded Conker

And now, onto the more major news. Me and some of my mates have taking up a programming course recently, and we have decided to do a mugen character for our project. And that character is... Oliver from battle bears:

Oliverstancepal1 Oliverstancepal2

His portrait: Oliverportrait

and icon: Olivericon

There will be two versions, a low-res version (pictured above) and a Hi-res version. We have started development, but all he can do at the moment is slam the opponent with his Bazooka. He is also being made for a full-game we are making, but I'll save that for a future blog post.

Also, once I release a beta for Oliver, I will make a page for him.

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