After Frisk and Sans, I'll create Undyne. Not Undyne the Undying or her regular armored version, rather without armor, meaning she'll have less defence than an average character.

But we aren't here to discuss how Undyne will play, but instead... Palettes. Y'know, providing the blog post title didn't already give it away. I've decided that, akin to Ricepigeon's characters, Undyne will have colour separation. This of course means it'll take a bit longer to edit the sprites, but seeing as the coding phase isn't to be started before Frisk and Sans have been released, it isn't too much of a hassle. And yes, Undyne will also be Drowin-styled, despite Sans not being Drowin styled (Frisk is tho, so sue me).

Moving on, here is a palette template for y'all:

Undyne palette template

This may seem like overkill, but I want variety in palettes, and since Undyne's sprites had a lot of the same colour reused for different parts (Eyes and teeth, shoes and hair, etc.), I went all out.

I am, of course, accepting submissions for palettes I can use for the character. Not every palette sent in will be used, but most that I receive that aren't used as the default 12 will be put in an 'extra palettes' folder for you to swap around at will, similar to Team Z2's characters (Namely Balthazar and Cybaster's Dragonball creations).

I originally wanted to separate Undyne's shirt from her outline, but didn't as spriting Undyne would become a nightmare.

Download the template (It's indexed, so use Photoshop to edit the colours via the colour table):

To send a palette to me, I'd rather you email me (It's on my website and userpage) or leave a message on my wall rather than post your palette in the comments of this post, as I'll be certain to see it. Make sure it's INDEXED before sending it in, or else it won't exactly work out well.

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