I haven't really been investing my time into Mugen as of recent due to classes being back on, leaving me with little free time to do Mugen work. However, I also somewhat lost interest in Mugen coding, and as such have decided to do a new project to reinvest me into not only Mugen coding, but spriting (This is in addition to the Bonzi collab). Done in the ever-loved MOC1105 style, I present to you... Homing Thistle from PvZ 2.

Please note that the cliché MOC-style palette isn't to be permanent







Given how Homing Thistle works in PvZ 2, it will likely have a moveset focusing on projectiles as well as a mix of MOC-styled and Touhou Project gameplay. I am determined to finish this project, once I start the coding that is. Given how my projects after Undyne the undying have gone, this is pretty much my Mugen revival. Stay tuned for more, tho don't expect a whole ton to be shared. If you have any questions regarding my projects, feel free to message me.

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