Decided to get some spriting practice done before I start the sprites for Toadstool, as well as the other Premium Quest characters. Keeping in with the theme, I decided to go for two more PvZ 2 related chars - One being a zombie. I've also come up with some ideas for how each could play, should I decide to create them for Mugen.

Two sprites have been included for both; the original, cliché MOC-style palette and the revamped palette that'll be used for the character.

1 - Nightshade


(MOC palette)


(Revamped palette)

Based off its regular variant, Nightshade has a focus on powerful close range attacks rather than projectiles and ranged attacks. This means Nightshade has to get close to opponents in order to have a chance at attacking, let alone deal damage. These attacks generally take a while to cooldown, generally leaving Nightshade vulnerable after using them. Planning out a good balance between attacking and defending is key to mastering this character.

Nightshade's powered-up variant will make an appearance, and as quite the opposite to its regular variant, instead focusing on dealing damage through quick moving, hard hitting projectiles. These moves also have a longer start-up rather than long cooldown time, leaving Nightshade vulnerable if using these moves at close range.

In PvZ 2, Nightshade requires to be planted next to a Moonflower to be powered up, as does every other shadow plant. How the powered-up variant will be triggered I shall not say for the time being, although I will say it isn't through a hyper or special of any kind.

2 - Octo Zombie


(MOC palette)


(Revamped palette)

If you have Vietnam-type flashbacks due to seeing this guy, I really don't blame you. Octo Zombie is known as the most annoying zombies in the PvZ franchise, on par with other annoying enemies encountered in Big Wave Beach.

His Mugen counterpart is no different; high health and slow movement, coupled with ranged attacks that trap the opponent. His physicals with be rather powerful too, although like Nightshade's projectile moves, they may have quite a bit of start-up time. Unlike Nightshade, he will have super armor during this start-up time to prevent flinching.

As a side-note, I intentionally didn't add the leopard print on his trunks, because... No reason, just because.


That's it, really. Feedback for both my ideas and sprites are welcomed and appreciated as always. Once again, hope everyone is doing well.

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