I've been losing interest in Mugen for some time now, but that doesn't mean I've stopped using Mugen-related sites or occasionally playing it. However, a creation of mine recently got leaked. A creation I wanted to forget, and something I had forgotten I made. To be brief, an NSFW edit of Yu-Toharu's Kirino was recently uploaded to the Mugen Archive. If the internal name of "Waifu" or mediocre sprite edits didn't give it away, it was something I made last year. But I never shared it to the public, and wanted to forget that I ever made it. Unfortunately, it's now been leaked, meaning I cannot hide it anymore. I could live the lie and leave the editor as anonymous, but everyone deserves the truth, and the truth is I made a hentai edit. I'm sorry. I really am. All along, I've been saying that I'm against such edits, but I had made one. I'm a hypocrite, and I feel as if I should just be forgotten about by the Mugen community. But, I'm hoping there are some who can forgive me despite my hypocrisy, and for everything else I've previously done.

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