Getting right into the meat of this topic, I'm done with making Undertale characters for now. After the Sans fiasco, it kinda made me realize that many other versions of these characters exist out there, and despite my attempts to make the most unique version, things won't always turn out right. Mettaton EX went through development hell, as did Chara and Frisk. Honestly, I'm happy with the ones I've made so far, and So Sorry will be updated every so often in order to make him better than before. Undertale stages will still be made, but for now, the only Undertale characters will be updates to already released ones. I hope people won't be too distraught over this.

I should also take this chance to say that production on most Mugen-related content has slowed because of college and depression and such. I still frequently go onto my emails however, so any questions or general messages, feel free to do so there.

Hope y'all are doing well.

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