Since many of the sounds from Super smash bros. for Nintendo 3DS have been ripped from the game, I decided to make a system soundpack using these sounds, although this only includes fight.snd and system.snd, with common.snd not complete as of now. I made these for a smash bros. screenpack, but decided to put the screenpack on hiatus and release these for normal M.U.G.E.N versions, any screenpack will do. Also, "Round 3" is now "Sudden death", or so the announcer says. whenever this happens, I usually press F2 to make it more like Sudden death from the smash bros. games. If you don't know how to install, read the tutorial below. Otherwise, download it and install (Or not, I don't really mind)!

Installing tutorial

Make sure you backup your current system soundpacks. These can be found in the data folder of your MUGEN. What I do is add the world 'old' onto the end of the existing soundpack. Next, extract the contents of the .RAR file into your MUGEN's data folder. Test run to see if the sounds have changed. if they have, you did it right! If not, then I have no idea what went wrong. This worked for me many times. Try the tutorial from the start, and if that still doesn't work ask someone for help.



  • This soundpack does NOT include menu music, vs. screen music, and so on. If you're looking to do that, you should know how to change MUGEN's music files from the sound directory.
  • This is not a screenpack YET. I mentioned that this was FROM a screenpack I'm making, but that is nowhere near done.
  • You can use these for any projects you're making, but credit would be appreciated. Don't only credit me, as I didn't extract these sounds, you have The sounds resource to credit for that.

If you've read the notes above (or not) and still want to download this, then click here to download it.

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