My first character released to the public and my new work in progress, Rosalina! As of now, she stands at Beta 0.1 and is built off of Big Eli Kings Peach. She is a bit taller like in the games, her palette has been changed to match her official colors, she uses voice clips from Mario kart wii and her stats have been modified slightly. Right now, her sprites are mostly the same, though her Hyper Portrait has been changed. I have also made three extra palettes not included with Peach and comes with patches for Mario and Kamek. (see the Read Me file included with Rosalina) I have designed some scratch sprites for future versions that are based off her current sprites.

Planned V.2 stance: RosieVersion2Stance1

Planned V.2 Portrait: RosieVersion2Portrait

Rosalina will also make an appearance in my upcoming game called Mugen Kombat, in which each character will be mortal kombat styled. Rosalina is an open beta, so you can modify her and upload your edit if you wish, but credit me and Big Eli King please.

Download her here.

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