Now that half term is upon us (Or where I live anyway) and all work that needs to be done has been completed, I finally have some time for Mugen (That one edit I did to the Protoman article doesn't count, that took a few seconds). Thus, I am returning from my rather short hiatus. Now for the announcement mentioned in the title, that seems quite unbelievable. For my course, the main objective is to code a game and create a website for it. Pretty standard stuff, but the catch is we could either use software provided to us to make a game or use software from home and the like, so long as it is approved by the teacher. Whilst using our own software isn't encouraged, it does give us some extra marks. Thus I decided to ask if I could use a combination of Mugen and Fighter Factory for my game. One explanation later, I got the a-ok to do so, and now I'm starting work on a Mugen project for my class in addition to my regular stuff.

To clear some things up, we're allowed to start assets for our projects at home, as well as some coding if we really want to, and bring in what we do (Including any software required) to work on in-class.

So, what project did I decide to do? Well, since we're allowed to use copyrighted materials so long as we credit the original creators (I didn't expect the use of copyrighted properties but I'll just roll with it), I'll be tying it to my revival char, Homing Thistle. Thus, a game by the current title of Plants vs. Zombies: Premium Quest is my project. All chars will be premium plants from Plants vs. Zombies 2, and all are to be done similarly to Homing Thistle. Don't know how many chars or stages I'll include, or if I'll release the project, but each character will be released at some point. For now, these are the only plants that will definitely be included:

  • Homing Thistle
  • Toadstool
  • Witch Hazel
  • Apple Mortar

To end this post off, I'd like to say I have a character release planned for Halloween night. The one hint I'll give is that this character is a skeleton.

That is all for now. Hope everyone here is doing well.

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