Been a while since I mentioned Project Conquest, by which I mean I haven't talked about it since it's announcement. However, since then, there were some things I've changed. So, here's a bit of an update on what has been changed and why, as well as addressing some 'issues' from my original plans and reasons behind them.

Main premise

As of now, the story is the same as it was before.

Characters and Possible add-on characters

No characters have had their pairings change... except for one; Ieyasu. I said he'd be paired with Metagross, where in Conquest his partner is Aggron and it is actually Tadakatsu that has Metagross. This was not a mistake, but an intention; I wanted to give Ieyasu Metagross as it'd be easier to sprite. However, after a while, I realized it wasn't consistent, as every other warlord is paired with their pairing from the main story of the game. So, Ieyasu now has Aggron and if I go ahead with the free add-ons, Tadakatsu will be given Metagross. A similar error was Okuni with Venipede. So, if add-ons go ahead, she will have Scolipede instead. The last character related issue is Hideyoshi having Monferno when he ended the main chapter with an Infernape. This was intentional and has been kept the same, as Infernape would be a bit hard to implement.

However, one more character is to be added as the final boss; The one that created Ransei, Arceus. Remember that boss Arceus I was making? Well, it'll be that version.

Character playstyle

The control scheme is as before:

  • X, Y, A, B - Basics
  • Z - Hyper 1 (Unique move)
  • C - Hyper 2 (Warrior skill)


In addition to the kingdoms, the final boss stage will be set on the Infinity tower, where Arceus is located in the main story.


That's all. I know people mainly know me for my Undertale creations, but my life doesn't revolve around that one game.

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