A few blog posts back, I mentioned I am working on an super smash bros. the,ed screenpack. It is not yet complete, but I can tell you my ideas and show you some of what is done so far.

What is done

So far, I've done the character icons, random select icon, and title, although the title is more than likely going to be changed. Currently, the title is Super smash bros. for Wii U/3DS, but Wii U/3DS changed to M.U.G.E.N, so it is Super smash bros. for M.U.G.E.N if it wasn't obvious. The random select icon is taken from SSB4 on the 3DS, so you should know what it looks like. If not, then here:

SSB4 random icon

The select icon is essentially the same, but with the question mark photoshopped out so it is blank. It looks a bit awkward with some character icons, but it works to say the least. Of course, characters with no transparent areas on their icon will cover up the whole thing, but here is one of the better ones from my roster:

SSB4 Scizor icon

The part on the edge that isn't covered up by the characters icon may be the fault of the icon being too big, so I'll try and fix that before the screenpack is released. I've also made an icon for Super Mario, which is the same as the original but without the background.


I plan to have the background similar to that of Super smash bros. for Wii U's menu screen, with various characters covered in color as it scrolls. I'll take sprites from characters, primarily ones from my roster, and make said sprite a solid color, then put it onto the background. Regarding music, the menu theme from Super smash bros. for Wii U is included and plays throughout the main menu AND character select. The victory screen is removed, and the versus screen doesn't appear (I found a way to make it skip completely). This screenpack is built off the 'Big' motif included with regular Mugen, but with extra rows added for more character space. I have no plans for lifebars because I cannot find a way to make SSB themed lifebars, so you can essentially use whatever ones you want with this screenpack. The SSB4 announcer voice that I released a while back for the Mugen system is also included with the screenpack for obvious reasons. I am also putting in two, possibly three, bonus stages with the screenpack. Two are related to existing stages in SSB4, and the other is related to the upcoming Mewtwo DLC for SSB4. They are Wily's castle, Duck Hunt, and the possibly third being Cerulean cave. The stages will also be available separately, but won't come as a stage pack, instead being individual downloads.

That's all

That is about it for now. So, yeah...

Leave if you want.

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