So, as mentioned in UndyneX's release thread, my next boss character is likely Arceus (Or rather IS Arceus since I've started him), but since Arecus can learn any move in the Pokémon games, I'm finding it hard to pick four moves (For source accuracy, because I'm one of THOSE people) to use. So, here is what I've picked out so far.

Coded move

  • Judgement

Arceus' signature move. Essentially, a fullscreen attack that does somewhat minimal damage and can be blocked.

Possible extra moves (1)

  • Flamethrower

A beam of fire that can hit multiple times. Damage for the attack is average/normal.

  • Blizzard

Another fullscreen attack that does small damage over its duration. Cannot be blocked and freezes opponents in place for a while.

  • Thunder

An attack that spawns at a random position. Does very high damage and knocks the opponent down.

Possible extra moves (2)

  • Hyper Beam

A strong beam attack that has quite a bit of reach. Has a long cooldown time.

  • Earthquake

An attack similar to blizzard, but only affects the ground and makes the screen shake slightly.

  • Dark pulse

A close range attack that does damage akin to flamethrower. Also pushes opponents away from Arceus.

Edn (An intentional misspell)

If you have any suggestions of your own, please do tell me. Arceus may take a while as I've decided to work on Toriel alongside it (Since she won't take too long to make) and need to get all the sprite effects and sounds for each attack when I eventually decide on what ones I'll add.

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