So, be le me, browsing Mugen Archive (Don't judge me) when I find something called 'Asgoremet'. I click on it and find this video along with it, claiming that the character in question is a reskin of (quote) "Endercreeper's Asgore". If things don't seem right, that's because they aren't. What isn't right, exactly? How about the fact that I'VE NEVER MADE AN ASGORE CHARACTER. Sure, I've considered it, but decided to hold off on the idea for the time being and never even announced I was considering doing an Asgore char. The only other version of Asgore I know of was made by AngryBirdCooler, so either someone mistook that guy for me (Which I highly doubt) or someone made a different Asgore and claimed they were me. Until I find out who this is and what their intentions were, I'm refusing to work on any more Mugen content. Yes, including the revival project I announced a few days ago. This may seem harsh to you all given how small of a creator I am, but the fact still lies; Someone out there is CLAIMING to be me. This could damage my already questionable reputation (Admittedly, given the mass amount of mistakes I've done in the first few years of my Mugen career), giving the few people that actually care about my works the wrong idea of who I am and what I'm like. Whilst this decision may also give those people the wrong impression, I really just want to have this all sorted out before I go ahead and release anything else.

If you have any information or outright know who this... Imposter, we shall call them, is, then contact me right away, either through email or my message wall.

Edit: Nevermind. Now I feel stupid.

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