First off, I'll start with something related to mugen kombat. The mini-boss has been confirmned, along with his stage. That character is dry Bowser. Yup, the undead koopa king is making his fighting debut! Along with this, he has his own custom stage known as scorching volcano. Similar to Princess Rosalina, dry Bowser is being built off another character, the candidate being K.Y-Shanxi's Bowser with added coding. Also similar to Rosalina, his voice comes from Mario kart Wii. Dry Bowser has high defense being a mini-boss, so he isn't all that easy to defeat. Here is his stance:


And now for his stage. His stage, scorching volcano, is pretty obvious. It is non-animated but hi-res and the background music is Bowsers castle from Mario kart 7. You know Pksparkxx, that character I cancelled a while back? Well, I have joined up with a YouTuber named DatKoopaTroopa to finish the character as a joint project. He is getting the voice clips whilst I am doing the rest. Here is a screenshot of PK fighting dry Bowser on his stage:


We are also planning on changing PK's stance to this:


But with the color palette of this:


Click here for the Scorching volcano stage. Dry Bowser and Pksparkxx aren't ready for release yet, and I can't give an exact release date for either of them.

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