I've recently been searching around for rare M.U.G.E.N characters and found some from a Japanese flash game called AA outbreak. I tried it, and its not half-bad, but is quite buggy. These were made in 2013 and the site from where they're hosted has NEVER been updated, meaning the creator of these characters is most likely inactive. The characters he made from AA:OB all use hi-res custom sprites based on the official sprites. When I got the Takaragiko character, I noticed that many of his attacks wouldn't combo into each other very well. I checked the files to find the red hitboxes are atrocious on many animations. usually only one or two frames have red hitboxes, so I decided to fix that. Whilst the original version of this char could combo decently, this edit makes it so that he can combo a lot better, and most of his animations now have proper collision boxes. There were also some strange text documents that came with it, so I deleted them for this edit. His definition file contained text from said documents on his palette section, so once again I fixed it. I replaced all of his colors to be related to other cat characters, or just references to other characters in general. I was originally going to keep it private, but decided to release it publically for two reasons:

A)The original version is very rare

B) even if you find the original, the collisions aren't all that good, as stated 9000+ times above

I am also working on an edit to the Fusagiko character made by the same creator, with the same goal in mind. Click here to get my edit, or click here to access the Skydrive account where the original character is stored, along with the rest of the chars from AA outbreak. I kinda rushed this post, so my English is pretty much Engrish.

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