I haven't actually made an announcement blog post for mugen kombat, so I'll explain. Mugen kombat is going to be a full game which will be just like any other, but all characters will be Mortal kombat styled. The characters will be edits of pre-existing characters, as well as a fresh batch of characters made specifically for this game. Right now, this is the current roster:

-Larry Koopa


-Endercreeper9999 (My self character)

-Janos the stickman



However, that's not the end! I am also making some extra characters, one of which will be released non-mk styled and then Re-released mk styled later on and the other will be mk styled by default. Here they are:

Paper Hammer bro and Mimi!

Paperhammerbro1 Miminonanimatedstand1

Hammer bro will have a special intro when he is fighting or on a team with Nastia (Super paper Mario), but Nastia will NOT be appearing in Mugen kombat. Mimi will also have a short special intro against paper Mario, who will also not be in this game. Now, onto fatalities. Each character will obviously have their own unique fatality and will be fatality compatible. Here is a list of each character with their fatality:

1. Larry Koopa

Larry charges tucks into his shell and rapidly spins into the opponent, cutting them in half.

2. Rosalina

Rosalina will use her cosmic power to burst the opponents head, decapitating them.

3. My self character

Ender will teleport behind the opponent, pick them up and rip them into two.

4. Janos

Janos' dark aura takes over him, causing him to furiously tear into the opponent.

5. Scolipede

Scolipede launches acid at the opposing fighter and burns their face.

6. Pxsparkxx

Pksparkxx runs off screen, gets in a Wild wing (Mario kart Wii) and drive into the opponent.

7. Mimi

When you activate the fatality, she will change into her spider form and tear the opponent to shreds.

I have not yet thought of hammer bros fatality, feel free to suggest! Also, I might change some of these throughout development. That is all for now, I will discuss stages in the next blog post about mugen kombat.

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