Yesterday, I went over the current character roster and character fatalities. this time, I'll be discussing bosses and stages, as well as some newcomers. First off though, lets talk about the stages. Some stages will be made by me, whilst there will be some not made by me. As of now, there are but a minuscule of stages. here is a list of stages:

-Toxic terror (Battle bears)

-Skate or die (Battle bears)

-Wii U home menu (Nintendo/original)

-Merlee's mansion (Super paper Mario)

-Road to hell (original)

-The void (boss stage)

You may have noticed that the last stage comes from 'boss stage'. Obviously, there is no game series called boss stage, so if you haven't guessed it, it will be the home stage for the boss. And now, onto the bosses. There are currently two bosses, one of which is a secret boss. You're probably wondering how you'll fight this secret boss. Well, it's all up to luck. you have a chance to fight one of these two:

-Violent Xenophage (Main boss(edit of Xenophage))

-Mimi (Secret boss)

Yup, I've moved Mimi to the position of secret boss. She will be playable, but in the boss fight, she will be in her spider form throughout the duration of the fight. And that brings us to the final topic of todays blog post, newcomers. I have decided to add a few more characters to the roster, one of which will be an edit, and the other will be made from the ground up. These two are:

Garchomp Matt's Rotom (edited to mk style) GMRotomidle

and Count Bleck! Bleckstand1

I decided to add, or edit, Rotom because Rotom is a well made character and is one of my favorite electric type Pokémon. Count Bleck was added because he came from a Mario came with a darker storyline and secrets, thus I saw an opportunity to make him a character. Rotom's fatality is probably the least violent in the game, though it may be changed. Currently, he zaps the opponent strongly and burns them to ashes, whilst Count Bleck will use his dark powers to summon a Chain Chomp and brutally shred them, similar to Shar-Makai's fatality. That's all for today, but feel free to suggest characters, fatalities and stages, I read all of your comments. Oh yeah, and a beta for Count Bleck may be released soon.

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